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Since the dawn of search engine optimization, one of the single most important factors that influences the way a website is seen in the eyes of search engines is content. Sadly, so many businesses improperly position themselves or they lack a proper content strategy.

As we said above, it has been said time and time again that ‘content is king’ – and there is a reason for it! Businesses that wield the power of proper content can completely take control over their industry and reign supreme. This is where content marketing comes into the game. Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of optimizing on-page content for all major pages, restructuring websites so that it communicates to Google and other search engines what your content is about, and crafting specialized content and posting it strategically.

This may mean recreating “service” pages for your business, restructuring your headers/menus, and even creating a “blog” and posting 1-4 blogs monthly.

At VSF Marketing, we have a team of content specialists that can empower your website with the absolute best content that not only captivates your audience, but also search engines. So, while you are reaping the benefits of more phone calls from customers, your website will climb the charts, securing even more business and customers.

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At VSF Marketing, our content marketing services is more than just writing fresh, new content. Here’s a bit more on how our content marketing specialists can help your business and website!
  • Result-Driven Blogs

    Our content marketing specialists have the unique ability to write content for just about any industry. Whether you are a chiropractor, carpet cleaner, or a dumpster company, our team can craft convincing company that your customers will thoroughly enjoy. Our team is known for creating result-driven blogs that make both customers and search engines happy.

  • Improve Website Rankings

    On top of blogs, our team of content experts know exactly how to improve your website rankings. We can do this through optimizing previously written content pages, adding in important keywords, and providing a fresh spin, which always helps with customers and search engines.

  • Off-Page Content

    One of the biggest trends in content marketing and in search engine optimization is the tactic of off-page content. Our content marketing specialists understand how to wield the power of off page content and can help get your business in front of the right eyes and secure the best backlinks.

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